Our Journey

The dedication to craftsmanship – hand-made, escalated work set apart by quality – is integral to the Wood360 philosophy. 

It relies on our artisans being dedicated to their materials and workmanship and continuing the Wood360 tradition. As such, many of the 10 craftsmen at Wood360 workshop in Johannesburg are apprenticed by master artisans.

Wood360 has indentured more budding craftsmen than the rest of the Gauteng furniture industry combined. Aspiring artisans with requisite background skills in joinery, are each apprenticed to a master artisan who oversees the honing of their skills.

Our Products Showcase

A two-year learnership, including viable in-house learning at our factory in Midrand, Johannesburg, combined with professional aptitude improvement at various educational institutes, finishes in the honouring of an industry-perceived endorsement after fruitful three-level capacity testing.

"How can you produce high-end furniture that has soul and flair with something as cold and heartless as a machine. REAL furniture throughout the ages has always been a symbol and expression of the person crafting it. Each piece will always capture the designer, crafter and wood’s soul in it."
Spha Radebe
Wood360 Founder & Director